The Main force Behind DEZ Games is Jason George. A game player with a penchant for creating Jason House Rules, He started creating games for his son during a move when all the papers and pencils were out and all games were boxed up. This lead to a fully functional Jousting game design that Jason and his Eldest son played with regularity.


Fast Forward a few years later when recovering from a  knee injury Jason was inspired again to create a game in his spare time, and thus FLOCKED! was born, a Shepherd Themed board/card game which will soon make another run on Kickstarter.



In addition to FLOCKED! Jason has nearly finished the full Design for PAH! The Card Game which is a unique take on fast action card games using an American Sign Language Theme. In addition to these games, Jason has several other titles in development and looks forward to getting them on a gaming table near you.

DEZ Games started out as DOMANELI Games which was a nice mash-up of Jason’s two son’s first names. Then just before he started launching the brand in earnest, he found out about a Third Son being added to his gaming family. Thus Dominic, Eli, and Zeke inspired DEZ Games.